Doomed horses dying from tainted feed in final days

Doomed horses accidentally fed tainted food are living out their final days in luxury.

Eighteen horses, some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, were unintentionally poisoned when they were given feed containing an additive safe for livestock, but deadly for horses.

Back in September, the Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Davie, Florida gave 22 horses feed containing monensin, an antibiotic generally given to cattle and chickens to make them grow. However, monensin is toxic to a horse’s muscles, like the heart. The horses continued to eat the tainted feed for a month before the first horse died. Another died two days later, and a third not long after.

A fourth horse was euthanized and veterinarians predict the rest will die within the week.

An owner of two of the affected horses told the Daily Mail, “There’s very little to do other than keep them hydrated, giving them lots of hay, giving them lots of comfort, brushing them, giving them attention and love and baths – it makes the horses happy to be attended to.”

Riding lessons have been replaced with vigils over the ill horses.

Lakeland, the company that sold the tainted feed to the Masterpiece Equestrian Center, has since recalled the product and doesn’t believe other stables have been affected. The Florida-based feed company is being urged to quickly compensate both owners and Masterpiece, who may seek legal action.


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