I absolutely hate BB&T. I transferred out all my money to close out the account tomorrow on my day off.

Guess what?!?! They charged me $2 for “The Plus Fee” THEN $7 for the overdraft protection fee! And considering it’s 12:41AM EST there is NO customer service!

Joe is ticked. Can’t even call Customer Service until 6AM! What a GREAT way to start the day!

Anything to screw you! I had to fight them with PAST print outs of my account to prove THEY deliberately held up 5 small payments for one BIG one. I proved they small ones should have gone through a WEEK before the big one. But they held it up to charge me $170 in overdraft fees!

Took me 2 weeks to get them to fix it, WITH them holding up my next deposit. I just got it cleared up, then transferred the money out this week and was going to go in tomorrow to close account.

But they got me. ONE DAY! What a bunch of blood suckers!


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5 Responses to “I HATE BB&T”

  1. Bronson Says:

    Yes BB&T is a bunch of crooks!

  2. Kathie Says:

    I hate bb and t. I have not overdrawn or had any penalties. They are starting to charge for EVERYTHING. We are leaving and going to a credit union.

  3. Keith Says:

    Yes BBT SUCKS their on-line banking is never right from midnight to 7 in the morning. Also any errors with there on-line banking they don’t consider banking error. They state that their on-line banking is only a tool to help with your account and is not always correct. I wish they told me this before I opened my accounts. Also there is no clear rime or reason to how they prosses their deposits and withdraws. How do they stay in business this way. Calling them is just as confusing, you can tell they have been programmed to avoid helping with fees.

  4. trixie61 Says:

    I lost my wallet, someone managed to use my debit card 3 times in 45 minutes for over $400 when I only had $50 in my account. They said I had “opted in” when they took over BankAtlantic, even though I did no such thing. They took my previous 7 transactions (all under $20) and added $36 overdraft each, plus $36 each for the fraudulent charges. I got robbed and then BBT robbed me again. I hate this poor excuse for a bank.

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